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Infomercial Cycle

Infomercial Product Assessment Product AssessmentProduct Assessment
Identity Target Marketing Identify Target MarketIdentify Target Marketing
Marketing Assessment Marketing AssessmentMarketing Assessment
Profitability Analysis Profitability AnalysisInfomercial Profitability Anaysis
Vendor Selections Vendor SelectionsInfomercial Vendor Selection
Creative Process Creative ProcessCreative Process
Testing and Evaluating Testing and EvaluatingInfomercial Testing and Evaluation
Media Planning & Testing Media Planning
& Testing
Infomercial Dub Houses
Dub Houses Dub HousesDub Houses
Taking Products to Retail Taking Products
to Retail
Taking Infomercial Products to Retail


Electronic Retailing Association
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Fulfillment Services

Informercial Media Support

Delivering goods on time is important in achieving satisfied customers and repeat business. Fulfillment services support includes:Fulfillment Services
  • pick, pack and ship services
  • infomercial product delivery
  • infomercial product distribution

Some fulfillment services companies also provide:
Fulfillment Services

  • call center support
  • merchant account services
  • return and refund handling
  • continuity programs

Check how the fulfillment company will deal with:

  • sharp increases in sales
  • web-based fulfillment
  • refunds
  • your customer service needs


Call Center Support Call Center Support
Fulfillment Services Fulfillment Services
Continuity Programs Continuity Programs
Buying Clubs Buying Clubs

Moulton Logistics- Infomercial Fulfillment Services

Moulton LogisticsMoulton Logistics Specializing in DRTV Fulfillment

Moulton Logisitics

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Koeppel Direct DRTV Media Buying

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