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Infomercial Marketing Assessment

Informercial Media Support

The most successful direct response infomercials often have gone through several rounds of testing and tweaking to produce a successful DRTV campaign.

All aspects of a DRTV infomercial marketing campaign should be assessed. These include:

  • feasibility
  • commercial format
  • producer and vendor selection
  • when and how to test
  • what price to test
  • determining whether to use a hard or soft offer
  • upsell opportunties

The DRTV infomercial test results need to be analyzed to determine what contributed to the performance. Here are some questions about your infomercial campaign you should address:

  1. Does the product effectively fulfill a consumer need?
  2. Was the price too high?
  3. Was the offer not compelling enough to get people to call?
  4. Was the right media bought?
  5. Was the call volume high enough?
  6. Was the telemarketing closure rate too low?
  7. Was there adequate incremental revenue from up-sells?
  8. Was the show effective at communicating the product benefits?

Good infomercial marketing assessment can help ensure that you are maximizing your media dollars.

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