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Infomercial Cycle

Infomercial Product Assessment Product AssessmentProduct Assessment
Identity Target Marketing Identify Target MarketIdentify Target Marketing
Marketing Assessment Marketing AssessmentMarketing Assessment
Profitability Analysis Profitability AnalysisInfomercial Profitability Anaysis
Vendor Selections Vendor SelectionsInfomercial Vendor Selection
Creative Process Creative ProcessCreative Process
Testing and Evaluating Testing and EvaluatingInfomercial Testing and Evaluation
Media Planning & Testing Media Planning
& Testing
Infomercial Dub Houses
Dub Houses Dub Houses
Taking Products to Retail Taking Products
to Retail
Taking Infomercial Products to Retail


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Infomercial Vendor Selection

Informercial Media Support

Vendor selection is a critical step to DRTV success. Main vendors to select include:Infomercial Vendor Selection

You should start looking for these vendors early, as they will be integral to the set-up of your DRTV campaign.

Infomercial production has many steps including:

  • concept development
  • research
  • script writing
  • storyboarding
  • casting
  • filming
  • editing
  • testing

Read more about infomercial production.

Telemarketers are the inbound telephone operators. They will be your customers first contact. Be sure to choose a quality telemarketing firm, whose style is consistent with your product. Infomercial Vendor SelectionOther considerations include:

  • hours of operation
  • tracking methods
  • reporting capabilities
  • training methods
  • multilingual capabilities

see Call Center Support for more details.

Media buyers help you determine the advantages and disadvantages of various advertising media for your products or services. Media buying refers to the strategic planning, negotiation and buying of:

  • Television time
  • Radio ads
  • Internet advertising
  • Print media

The results of good media buying are measurable by the increase in sales of your products or services.

A merchant account is a bank account used to process card transactions. You may be asked to provide information relating to:

  • business accounts
  • your forecast turnover
  • average transaction values
  • the type of goods you sell
  • the proportion of transactions you expect to receive by phone or online
  • your suppliers' details
  • how you deliver your products

It can take about four weeks to open a merchant account.

A fulfillment services center distributes your products. Fulfillment services companies offer:

  • warehousing of your products
  • inventory control
  • freight management
  • returns facilities

This is essential to the success of your infomercial. If your customer's products are not delivered quickly and efficiently your profits will be lost to complaints and requests for money back.

Some fulfillment services companies also offer Merchant Account services call center support. This can be an efficient way of providing full-service to your customers. Read more about Fulfillment Services.

Call Center Support Call Center Support
Fulfillment Services Fulfillment Services
Continuity Programs Continuity Programs
Buying Clubs Buying Clubs

Moulton Logistics- Infomercial Fulfillment Services

Moulton LogisticsMoulton Logistics Specializing in DRTV Fulfillment

Moulton Logisitics


Cambridge Commerce for infomercial payment processingCambridge Commerce

Cambridge Commerce

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